Meet the Band

Just like The Beatles, there are four Black Pebbles. (Except we're not quite so good, musically).

Bill Doig, who plays sax in his spare time (but only when the neighbors are in the shower or out walking the dog) is a highly-respected, world-class production designer. Credits include magazine covers (Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, etc) and iconic album covers with some of the world's most famous artists. Bill hates to name-drop and always assumes the industry-standard vow of secrecy after each production. However ... there's always a first time. 

Paul Barron, a mediocre musician who struggles even with the triangle (although he is rumored to be a dab hand on the castanets) provides the glue behind the operation. A mediator, not a fighter, Paul is a measured thinker, mentor & problem-solver with a television award or four under his belt - which he'd happily sell to you if the price is right. 

Phil Light, who has a tendency to tinkle the ivories (but only when the house is empty) is a master of logistics, locations and production management. What Phil doesn't know about Hollywood is nobody's business. If you're in town and need a stunning backdrop for a photoshoot, or a grimy back-alley for a murder scene, Phil's your man. And he knows where all the bodies are buried.

Thirzah Ceniceros, often found strumming a geetar (but only in short bursts on a Sunday afternoon) is better known at Black Pebble Towers as our 'Head of Common Sense'. Smart, grounded, with a tight rein on the purse strings, 'Thez' coordinates the whole operation, keeping our feet on the ground while the rest of us shoot for the moon. Your first point of contact.

Find Out More

All four of us live in Hollywood, CA - either on Hollywood Boulevard itself or just a 3-minute walk away.

Feel free to ask about our credentials, and explore how we can support your project, and / or help put you on a solid track to success.

If we have faith in your project, we'll provide tailored advice, personal guidance, individual attention, logistics, planning, wider contacts - and more. In short, whatever it takes.

Charitable Causes

We donate 10% of our net income to the LA Mission which provides help, hope and opportunity to men, women and children in need in Los Angeles. Find out more below.

members of the orchestra

Bill Doig

Head, Design / Saxophone

Paul Barron

Head, Concepts / Conductor

Phil Light

Head, Logistics / Piano

Thirzah Ceniceros

Head, Accounts & Analytics / Geetar