Like The Beatles, there are four Black Pebbles. Except we're not quite so good, musically.

Talent Manager & Production Coordinator, Thirzah Ceniceros, is better known as our 'Head of Common Sense'. Smart, grounded, with a tight rein on logistics, deliverables & the purse strings, 'Thez' coordinates the operation, keeping feet on the ground while the rest of us shoot for the moon. (Your first point of contact in most cases).

Events & Location Manager, Phil Light, is a master of production management. What Phil doesn't know about Hollywood's gig venues and locations is nobody's business. If you're in town and need a stunning backdrop for a photoshoot, a sweaty underground club for a rave, or a grimy back-alley for a murder scene, then Phil's your man. (And he knows where all the bodies are buried).

Production Designer, Bill Doig, is a highly-respected, world-renowned creative eye. Credits include magazine covers (Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, etc) and iconic album covers with some of the world's most iconic artists. Bill hates to name-drop and respectfully assumes the industry-standard 'vow of secrecy' following each production. (However ... there's always a first time). 

Creative Producer, Writer & Director, Paul Barron, provides the glue behind the operation. An innovative thinker, mentor, mediator, teacher & all-round tricky problem-solver from England, Paul has a (big-ish) nose for an original story, and several (small-ish) television awards (which he'd happily sell to you if the price is right). 

Additionally, of course, we are lucky to be surrounded by a close network of uber-talented professional freelancers, who we assign to your project depending on your requirements.


All four Pebbles live in Hollywood, CA - either on Hollywood Blvd itself or a 3-minute stroll away. The Walk of Fame is our front yard.

With decades of collective knowledge, we team-up to provide individual advice, personal guidance, tips, leads, contacts, logistics, support and planning. 

Think of us as your Hollywood concierge.

Charitable Causes

By default, we donate 10% of our net profit to homeless charities, split equally between the LA Mission & PATH which both provide help, hope and opportunity to men, women and children in need in Los Angeles.

For more information about the LA Mission, please click the button below.


Thirzah (Thez) Ceniceros

Thirzah (Thez) Ceniceros

Thirzah (Thez) Ceniceros

Head: Talent, Accounts & Administration

Bill Doig

Thirzah (Thez) Ceniceros

Thirzah (Thez) Ceniceros

Head: Production Design

Phil Light

Paul Barron

Paul Barron

Head: Events & Locations

Paul Barron

Paul Barron

Paul Barron

Founder & Head: Concepts