Creative Concierge, Media Consultancy

Creative Concierge, Media Consultancy

Creative Concierge, Media ConsultancyCreative Concierge, Media ConsultancyCreative Concierge, Media Consultancy

Art, Artists, Ads, Events, Press, PR, Photo, Poetry, Prose, TV, Radio, Film

Welcome to Black Pebble, Hollywood, California

We're a transformative creative consultancy, offering local knowledge, vision, insight & support, most often to artists, crew and creatives visiting from outside Los Angeles in need of ears and eyeballs here on the ground.

By 'transformative', we mean we are results-hungry, with a focus on problem-solving, surmounting hurdles, creating opportunities and delivering tangible solutions that transform your situation.

With over 40 joint-years of industry practice, we've devised, initiated, managed, produced, launched, coordinated, rescued & steered all types of successful, award-winning, and critically-acclaimed content (photo, television, film, event, commercial, print, cover art, album art, net art, web) working with A-list artists and celebs, as well as guiding exciting new talent, and shaping corporate public image & brands.

We love to discover new / unsung talent, and we are currently working extra hard to try to create bonds, leads and opportunities in light of the recent downturn in the creative industries during the early part of 2020. 

In addition to our consulting, marketing, PR and web services, we also provide introductions and interactions between crew, producers and clients, acting as matchmaker, fixer and intermediary whenever we can. 

However, being a tight-knit team, we're picky about the concepts and projects we engage with. If it's cool, it's cool - and if we think we can add value, we will - giving you our undivided attention.

On the other hand, if we feel we're not quite the best fit for your needs, we won't waste your time (or money), instead referring you to the right people, and / or signposting the right direction with our very best wishes for your creative journey.

Hit us up. We're super laid-back and triple-dipple easy-going.

Stay safe!



(Singer / Songwriter)

We first met Liz at the historic Powerhouse bar in Hollywood in February 2020, getting along like a house on fire over a Guinness or five. Find out more here - but watch out! - some content is NSFW.

Call for Submissions

Sculptors, writers, painters, poets, authors, actors, directors - be our featured artists (for free). Most selections are friends and / or personal contacts, but submissions are welcome from anyone, especially new & emerging artists. If selected, we will feature you on all our networks & platforms.



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