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Welcome to Black Pebble

As you might have heard, Los Angeles can be an infuriating and unforgiving little town that doesn't (usually) suffer fools gladly.

We could bore you with some flowery blurb about how great we are, but - in short - we're fast-on-the-draw Hollywood guns for hire. We trade on our local knowledge, visionary insight and creative expertise.

Collectively, with over 60 years of industry practice - across the US, the UK and in Europe - we've devised, initiated, managed, produced, launched, coordinated, rescued & steered all types of successful, award-winning and critically-acclaimed content (photo, television, film, commercial, print, cover art, album art, net art, web) working with A-list artists and celebs, as well as guiding new talent, and shaping public image.

But we're picky about ideas and concepts. If it's cool, it's cool - and, if we think we can add value, we'll tell you so. If not, we'll try to refer you to the right people, and steer you in the right direction. We'll tell you what flies in Hollywood today, what the pitfalls are, and where you're most likely to hit that golden nugget. 

Hit us up. We're super laid-back and super easy-going.